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Food Safety

Food safety begins first and foremost by knowing your soil; virtually all Miedema farmland has been under the watchful eye of family owners over generations. We grow only produce, no animal husbandry or non-agricultural activities occur on our farms. We closely monitor our water usage, irrigation techniques in and around our farm. Sound farm management is the core of food safety and sustainability.

As a close-knit organization, we place a high priority on refining the Miedema way: a system for harvesting, handling, washing, trimming and packing produce. This system exceeds both the expectation of our customers as well as the standards set forth by Good Agriculture  Practices (GAP), protocols established to ensure a consistence production across all types of farming, large and small, throughout the US.

We are working closely with technology leaders to ensure accountability and traceability from field to produce counter.

Third Party Verification We contract with independent third party organization to certify that – for our own quality assurance and that of our customers – that our quality programs are properly implemented and functioning.