Crunchy radishes can be easily used in soups, main dishes and even juice. Look through our recipes for more ideas!

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We’re are all about radish freshness

We Keep Our Radishes Extra Fresh with Nhytemp

Miedema customers enjoy year-around fresh radishes and produce, thanks to our Midwest and Southwest farms, plus our unique Nhytemp® processing technology that locks in the farm fresh flavor and texture. Our exclusive Nhytemp® technology is why For You is as fresh as fresh can be, anytime of the year.

Nhytemp® quickly chills vegetation to the correct storage temperature in the transport container immediately after harvest, often right in the field. This super hydrocooler functions to quickly cool vegetation by cascading chilled water over the vegetation and preventing heat transfer.

  • Extends shelf life by cooling vegetables and fruits fast.
  • Cools crops up to 15 times faster than air.
  • Hydrates some products, reduces moisture loss.
  • Rinses while it cools.
  • Flexible means of cooling vegetables and fruits packed in bins, bulk, or palletized.

We are the only radish grower/shipper in the world to use the Nhytemp® system. After harvest, radishes are “put to sleep” in the trailers where temperatures are kept cold and oxygen sealed out. This allows us to have a consistent, quality supply of radishes no matter what the weather!