Mission - Miedema strives to grow, pack and deliver the freshest, most wholesome produce available using customer satisfaction, sustainable farming and food safety as our goals.

Radish Farming and Our Company

Sustainable Radish Farming

Sustainability is a popular and important term today, well beyond radish farming. Our heritage and our future are found in the rich soil of our radish farms. We practiced sustainability long before it become popular or necessary.

We use only those resources necessary to grow and harvest healthy produce while nurturing the soil. We strive for energy conservation; the natural cycle of warm sun, cool evenings and replenishing rain are raw materials, and with them the natural nutrients, vitamins and minerals that make vegetables so important in the diets of young and old alike.

We seek opportunities to reduce food miles. Our local and regional supply chain is an important aspect of the sustainable food system. We strive to reduce energy consumption first by concentrating on markets close to our fields, and then by optimizing the transportation and storage processes when bringing nutritional fruits and vegetables to markets unable to purchase seasonal produce.

We advocate policies that help protect air and water quality, and minimize energy consumption. The sustainability of our produce is a direct result of farming practices, our regional marketing, and our partnering with suppliers, and transportation companies that are also committed to sustainability.